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KIN Culture aims to build a village for Orphans and Vulnerable children in the Western Cape, South Africa. We aim to empower parents to provide alternative care to children through safety and foster care in cooperation with local child protection organisations We believe that love and security are crucial in the upbringing of children. We will adopt a preventative approach, in order to nullify the effects of gangsterism, drugs and poverty in our society. Every child will also have access to the best medical care. The village will be home to a clinic exclusively for the children on the village. We will have a world class school that will be at the forefront of educational trends and technological advances. We believe in the power of sport and music to unite communities. Every child’s physical development is extremely important and professional services will be available to these children. We value the artistic expression of every individual and aim to ignite and nurture their musical and artistic talents. Every child will be given the opportunity to find their place in our community. They may find a future in farming, enjoy creating with food, provide solutions as engineers and scientists or serve societies as doctors. We envisage a community where every child has a chance to shine and become a star. Let´s make South Africa a rainbow nation where every child is valued. A bright future could become a reality.

This village will also be self sustainable and eco-friendly. KIN Culture will be home to a retail store that will sell our own products, a restaurant, deli, a radio station, a number of different studios, conference centre and guesthouse. Agriculture will also play a large part in sustaining the village. KIN Culture Business will invest in other established business and pursue BEE opportunities where possible. We have a firm belief that a well established and diverse business model holds the key to the futures of these children.

We have much in common with LIV in Kwazulu-Natal and are constantly in conversation with regards to providing a long-term, sustainable solution in the Western Cape. There are many exciting opportunities in the pipeline for both these organisations, but at the moment nothing has been agreed.

Our team currently consists of a variety of professional people who are volunteering their time for KIN Culture. We have a high regard for excellence and integrity, with a mandate to create a culture where people are loved and valued. We believe that church should be an organic expression of Jesus. We are defined by the cross, motivated by the love of God and driven by the life of Jesus. As an organisation we choose to work together with many churches and NGO’s and are not affiliated to a single denomination.

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This is what we have been doing. We are thankful for every contribution made to KIN Culture. Community is about sharing life. Watch the video and take part in this journey.

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill
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KIN Culture products are best defined as designing with humanity. Each product has a story. A story of collaboration, inspiration and hope. We value creativity in the people of our nation and the potential of communities to unlock futures. Our products are handmade in South Africa with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. We believe in products with a cause. Every item you purchase is an investment in orphans and vulnerable children.

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